Python Equivalent for dd & fold

MRAB python at
Wed Jul 15 19:23:14 CEST 2009

seldan24 wrote:
> On Jul 15, 12:47 pm, Michiel Overtoom <mot... at> wrote:
>> seldan24 wrote:
>>> what can I use as the equivalent for the Unix 'fold' command?
>> def fold(s,len):
>>      while s:
>>          print s[:len]
>>          s=s[len:]
>> s="A very long string indeed. Really that long? Indeed."
>> fold(s,10)
>> Output:
>> A very lon
>> g string i
>> ndeed. Rea
>> lly that l
>> ong? Indee
>> d.
> Wow, I feel like a dork.  I should have done more research prior to
> posting.  Anyway, thanks for the advice.  The trouble with Python is
> that things make 'too much' sense.  Loving this language.

You might still need to tweak the above code as regards how line endings
are handled.

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