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alex23 wuwei23 at
Wed Jul 15 22:30:11 EDT 2009

On Jul 15, 5:51 pm, koranthala <koranth... at> wrote:
>    I am not saying that what you said was wrong, only that I felt that
> she got tense looking up regular expressions. So a python reply which
> basically does the basic checking without going to re etc might be
> more helpful for her to start her own coding.

Using regexps wasn't the only advice given, and string manipulation is
covered well in pretty much every tutorial I've taken a look at. The
issue is that no evidence was shown that the OP was even trying to
resolve this themself, and the new posting of the question every time
an unsatisfactory answer was provided doesn't give me any faith they
were endeavouring to do this at all.

It's annoying seeing these "stone soup" attempts at coding come
through here, whether its to answer someone's homework or to do
someone's job for them. If the end result has value to the poster, I
expect to see either effort on their behalf or at least a nominal
attempt to reward others for their time.

But if you want to do their work for them, I don't think anyone here
would object, especially if you both took it to private correspondence.

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