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koranthala koranthala at
Thu Jul 16 00:29:04 EDT 2009

On Jul 16, 7:30 am, alex23 <wuwe... at> wrote:
> On Jul 15, 5:51 pm, koranthala <koranth... at> wrote:
> >    I am not saying that what you said was wrong, only that I felt that
> > she got tense looking up regular expressions. So a python reply which
> > basically does the basic checking without going to re etc might be
> > more helpful for her to start her own coding.
> Using regexps wasn't the only advice given, and string manipulation is
> covered well in pretty much every tutorial I've taken a look at. The
> issue is that no evidence was shown that the OP was even trying to
> resolve this themself, and the new posting of the question every time
> an unsatisfactory answer was provided doesn't give me any faith they
> were endeavouring to do this at all.
> It's annoying seeing these "stone soup" attempts at coding come
> through here, whether its to answer someone's homework or to do
> someone's job for them. If the end result has value to the poster, I
> expect to see either effort on their behalf or at least a nominal
> attempt to reward others for their time.
> But if you want to do their work for them, I don't think anyone here
> would object, especially if you both took it to private correspondence.

It is not that I do want to do the work for them. It is just that I
was in the same position just 6 months back. My first pieces of code
were very poor - full of errors and quite horrible indeed. I was even
afraid to post it anywhere. I came here, and I found so much helpful
people who helped me out so much, that I think my coding has improved
a little bit. So, I just thought that we should always give people the
benefit of doubt.

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