turtle dump

superpollo user at example.net
Thu Jul 16 07:18:51 EDT 2009

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> superpollo wrote:
>>hi there.
>>is there a way to dump the content of a turtle window to a file or a
>>file object?
> Why should I want to dump a turtle? They are very benign creatures, dumping
> them is going to hurt them needlessly.

lol. ;-) the title was indeed supposed to stir a bit of curiosity upon 
the reader...

> Without a cheek-in-tongue: how are we supposed to know what a"turtle window"
> is, how you create it, what features it uses? You need to give more
> details, such as the module you are using, on what system that runs and so
> forth.

in fact i was looking for a *platform independent* way to draw into a 
graphics file (say, a postscript or a png) using the turtle module. so i 
understand that "dumping a window" is not a good expression... maybe 
"redirecting graphics commands to a file instead of a window"?


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