turtle dump

superpollo user at example.net
Thu Jul 16 08:11:07 EDT 2009

alex23 wrote:
> On Jul 16, 9:18 pm, superpollo <u... at example.net> wrote:
>>lol. ;-) the title was indeed supposed to stir a bit of curiosity upon
>>the reader...
> Which isn't really useful when trying to obtain assistance... you want
> certainty, not curiosity.

ok. my bad.

>>in fact i was looking for a *platform independent* way to draw into a
>>graphics file (say, a postscript or a png) using the turtle module. so i
>>understand that "dumping a window" is not a good expression... maybe
>>"redirecting graphics commands to a file instead of a window"?
> You didn't actually answer Diez question. The turtle module is only a
> recent (2.6/3.0) addition to Python and is probably obscure enough not
> to have tracked across everyone's radar.

actually i am still using 2.3.4, which means that...

> screen = turtle.Screen()

... is not possible

> Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

it certainly did, tahnks.


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