Ann: Google releases Python-based open-source NX server

J Kenneth King james at
Thu Jul 16 10:51:47 EDT 2009

jkn <jkn_gg at> writes:

> Google quietly releases open-source NX server ...written in Python,
> apparently
> <
> Google_quietly_releases_open_source_NX_server?taxonomyId=88>
> Neatx can be downloaded from Google's code repository:
> <>
>     Regards
>     J^n

It's pretty cool, but not PEP8! Probably because they just bought the
source off of another smaller proprietary project.  Makes me sad seeing
Google, proud supporter of all things Python, release non-PEP8 code.

Either way, I did check out the project and it looks pretty exciting.
Hopefully I'll get some time to contribute a few patches.

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