missing 'xor' Boolean operator

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at sequans.com
Thu Jul 16 12:37:45 EDT 2009

Emile van Sebille wrote:
> On 7/16/2009 7:04 AM Unknown said...
>> On 2009-07-16, Emile van Sebille <emile at fenx.com> wrote:
>>> daysInAdvance = int(inputVar) or 25
>> I don't get it.  That doesn't work right when inputVar == "0".
> Aah, but you didn't get to define right.  :)  For that particular 
> example 0 is not a valid response.
> Emile
When I was talking about such error prone form of boolean operations, I 
didn't expect to be right so quickly :p
Steven explained the truth notion with the Something/Nothing. "0" is 
Something, 0 would be Nothing. I'm not sure it makes sens anyway. I 
mean, I could easily argue that the number 0 is something. In the end I 
wonder if I shouldn't just acknowledge the python mechanism without 
trying to find any intuitive/natural/obvious logic in it, knowing that 
sometimes the Truth lies far away from the Evidence.


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