turtle dump

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Thu Jul 16 20:55:54 EDT 2009

Terry Reedy wrote:

>> $ file tmp.ps
>> tmp.ps: PostScript document text conforming DSC level 3.0, type EPS
>> Try changing the file extension from .ps to .eps.
> I will. Thank you.

I tried it. Unfortunately, OOo does not open it correctly. It just 
displays the first three lines of metadate - Title, Creator, Date -- as 
image text. Photoshop does read the image, and does an ok job of 
conversion once anti-aliasing is turned off.

Hmmm. Crazy idea... in
Gregor Lingl says that turtle.py has been ported to pygame and jython as 
back ends. It should be possible to instead send output to a file 
instead of an on-screen canvas. Run a program to screen. When output 
looks right, return with a different parameter to send to file.

For instance, an OpenDocumentDrawing file (.odd) using odfpy.
This assumes that there are elements corresponding to each turtle 
command. Or at least that the fit is close enough.

Terry Jan Reedy

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