Python graphics / imaging library

Peter Chant REMpeteOVE at
Sat Jul 18 07:50:01 EDT 2009

Michiel Overtoom wrote:

> Peter Chant wrote:
>> what's the most appropriate (maintained) graphics library to use?  PIL
>> seems to have last been updated in 2006
>> and GD seems to be even older.  Don't want to go down a dead end.
> Contrary to organic material, software doesn't rot when it gets older.
> PIL is pretty complete for the task it was designed to do, pretty
> debugged during the past years, and pretty much 'finished' -- it doesn't
> need frequent updates anymore.
> Greetings,

No, it does not.  However, if PIL was updated last in 2006.  Python in 2009
has gone to version 3.1.  If PIL is compatible with 3.1 then I'm fine.  But
I don't want to have to stick with Python 2.5 as the rest of the world
moves on.



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