any suggestions to synchronize typed text and speech ?

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Sun Jul 19 22:15:01 CEST 2009


I'm using Scintilla as a wxPython widget with great pleasure.
I now have an application where I want to make notes during a conversation,
but also want to record the speech during that conversation.
I'm using Scintilla as a wxPython widget for editing and PyAudio for the 
speech recording,
until so far everything works fine.
Here the problem part:
I need to synchronize the typed text with the sound during playback.
So if I click somewhere in the sound recording,
the line of text, typed that moment should be highlighted.
And vise versa, if the cursor in the text is moved and some special key 
is pressed,
the sound starting 10 or 20seconds earlier should be playbacked.

I though of adding bookmarks (because these are fixed in the text), and 
keep a list of bookmarks and sound pointers.
This idea should work, but there are only 31 bookmarks.

Any other suggestions ?

Stef Mientki

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