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Frank Buss fb at
Mon Jul 20 01:18:01 EDT 2009

Fred Atkinson wrote:

> 	I'm looking for some ideas here.  
> 	I think I've mentioned I am taking a course in Python and PHP.
> The professor wants each of us to pick a project to write in both
> languages.  It has to be something fairly complex and I'd like for it
> to be something that would be useful on my Web site(s).  
> 	I would be grateful for any and all suggestions.  

Useful for your webpage depends very much on what you think what you need
and it is difficult to answer by others who don't know your needs.

E.g. useful for me was a Python Blender script to create wireframe and
solid models of platonic solids and a program for geodesic domes of
parametrized detail level:

It is my first bigger Python program, so ideas how it could be improved are

Would be an interesting project to create a renderer for it, which can
calculate this and other geometric figures as a CGI script to an image and
display the result in the browser. Try this in PHP and Python and write
about the experiences you made. Maybe don't forget to limit the access to
the webpage or the size of the output image, to avoid trouble with your
hosting provider, if you don't have your own server and anything slows down
because of your rendering task :-)

Frank Buss, fb at,

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