any suggestions to synchronize typed text and speech ?

Marcus Wanner marcusw at
Mon Jul 20 13:11:20 EDT 2009

On 7/20/2009 5:34 AM, Stef Mientki wrote:
> thanks Marcus,
> Marcus Wanner wrote:
>> On 7/19/2009 4:15 PM, Stef Mientki wrote:
>>> hello,
>>> I'm using Scintilla as a wxPython widget with great pleasure.
>>> I now have an application where I want to make notes during a 
>>> conversation,
>>> but also want to record the speech during that conversation.
>>> I'm using Scintilla as a wxPython widget for editing and PyAudio for 
>>> the speech recording,
>>> until so far everything works fine.
>>> Here the problem part:
>>> I need to synchronize the typed text with the sound during playback.
>>> So if I click somewhere in the sound recording,
>>> the line of text, typed that moment should be highlighted.
>>> And vise versa, if the cursor in the text is moved and some special 
>>> key is pressed,
>>> the sound starting 10 or 20seconds earlier should be playbacked.
>>> I though of adding bookmarks (because these are fixed in the text), 
>>> and keep a list of bookmarks and sound pointers.
>>> This idea should work, but there are only 31 bookmarks.
>>> Any other suggestions ?
>>> thanks,
>>> Stef Mientki
>> That sounds like a very specialized type of thing, 
> Well from an application point of view,
> with the current netbooks,
> this looks like a perfect tool for any conversation or meeting.
>> which only the few people with experience with wxPython, PyAudio, and 
>> Scintilla could help you with...
> I was afraid of that too, so I dropped the question in several places,
> and the writer of Scintilla himself came with the perfect answer.
> cheers,Stef
>> But you might try having a dictionary with notes and associated times, 
>> or just give each note a four-digit ID number at the beginning of it 
>> when it's entered and use that in the dictionary (to keep keys 
>> shorter). Or you could just do a little hack and increase the number 
>> of bookmarks allowed (seeing as source is available) :p
>> Marcus
Glad you got a good answer from somebody. Sounds like an interesting 
project. About when would this be headed for a release? Could you post a 
link to a googlecode or sourceforge project or something so I can follow 
and/or help with development?


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