ANN: Shed Skin 0.2, an experimental (restricted) Python-to-C++ compiler

Bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Mon Jul 20 18:26:08 CEST 2009

William Dode':
> I just tested it with a litle game, to find the places of horse on
> a board 5x5. The result is :
> c 5s
> gcj 7s
> java 7s
> shedskin 8s
> python + psyco 18s
> cython avec malloc *int 18s
> cython 55s avec [] python
> python 303s (5m3s)

Nice timings, can you please show me the Python, Java and C code
versions? I may do more tests.
The purpose of all those "example programs" in ShedSkin is to find
bugs and to find details to speedup.


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