Workflow Libraries (DB vs Code)

Thomas Guettler hv at
Tue Jul 21 16:27:27 CEST 2009


I need to write some simple workflows with web interface.

For the web stuff I will use django, but I am not sure how
to do the workflow part.

Here are ideas:

Do it myself. I don't think it will be difficult, I did things like
this before. But they were not reusable.

Use spiff Workflow library

Use goflow for django (port of OpenFlow of Zope). It does not look like a active project.

Has anyone worked with spiff, goflow or other workflow software? What do you like and

Somehow I like it the way goflow does it: The process definitions are stored
in the database. But on the other hand I prefer to have things like this in
a SVN-Repository.

Creating the workflow definitions will be done by python programmers. I don't need
a GUI to build them.

There are many languages to define processes (BPML, XPDL, BPEL or YAWL). But I prefer python.

Feedback welcome,


Thomas Guettler,
E-Mail: guettli (*) thomas-guettler + de

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