If Scheme is so good why MIT drops it?

Tim Bradshaw tfb at cley.com
Tue Jul 21 13:41:59 EDT 2009

On 2009-07-19 19:31:36 +0100, Frank Buss <fb at frank-buss.de> said:

> (e.g. I
> don't know of a free modern and stable Lisp implemenation with
> mulithreading support for Windows, with a licence with which you can use it
> in closed source commercial programs, like you can do with Python).

Openmcl seems reasonably stable to me, is LLGPL-licensed, and runs on 
these platforms and Solaris x86.

It's kind of tragic, of course, that this kind of parasitic behaviour 
(will not consider a commercial product to use in your commercial 
system) has now become so common.

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