any suggestions to synchronize typed text and speech ?

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Tue Jul 21 18:13:30 CEST 2009

hi Marcus,
>>> That sounds like a very specialized type of thing, 
>> Well from an application point of view,
>> with the current netbooks,
>> this looks like a perfect tool for any conversation or meeting.
>>> which only the few people with experience with wxPython, PyAudio, 
>>> and Scintilla could help you with...
>> I was afraid of that too, so I dropped the question in several places,
>> and the writer of Scintilla himself came with the perfect answer.
>> cheers,Stef
>>> But you might try having a dictionary with notes and associated 
>>> times, or just give each note a four-digit ID number at the 
>>> beginning of it when it's entered and use that in the dictionary (to 
>>> keep keys shorter). Or you could just do a little hack and increase 
>>> the number of bookmarks allowed (seeing as source is available) :p
>>> Marcus
> Glad you got a good answer from somebody. Sounds like an interesting 
> project. About when would this be headed for a release? Could you post 
> a link to a googlecode or sourceforge project or something so I can 
> follow and/or help with development?
For the moment it's just an idea, so no line of code yet.
I first like to tackle all the problems,
at least to the level I think I can handle them.
So first solve the next problem,
before I start coding:
automatic synchronization (file uploading and deleting) between EEE-pc 
and desktop PC over bluetooth.
And another problem, as my customers are physicians,
both the text and audio need to be stored encrypted.

> Marcus

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