Ideas for problem with chat server application!

Dave Angel davea at
Wed Jul 22 10:38:14 EDT 2009

David Adamo Jr. wrote:
> I developed a chat application with an attendant chat server.
> Everything is working fine. The issue now is the fact that whenever
> the chat server goes down (for instance, the server system shuts down
> as a result of power failure or some other problem), by the time the
> server system come back on, the chat server would have to be restarted
> manually.
> I believe (and I know) it is more appropriate for the chat server
> application to restart itself when the computer comes back on (and of
> course regardless of who is logged in and of course, even before
> anyone logs in). I have a batch file that executes the chat server. My
> attempt was to create a windows service that start automatically and
> runs this batch file using a Network Service account on the server
> system. Although, I'm having a hard time with this (temporarily), I
> would love to ask if there are any alternatives to using a windows
> service. Suggestions are highly appreciated.
As a starting place, take a look at the Windows Scheduler.  One of the 
options is to schedule something at "boot."  That happens before anybody 
logs on to the system.  I don't know whether you can specify what user 
account will be used, but you can certainly launch a python program from 


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