Suggestions for Python MapReduce?

Paul Rubin http
Wed Jul 22 12:55:51 EDT 2009

Phillip B Oldham <phillip.oldham at> writes:
> Implementations like BashReduce <
> mapreduce-bash-script> are perfect for such scenarios. I'm simply
> wondering if there's another simpler/smaller implementation of
> MapReduce that plays nicely with Python but doesn't require the setup/
> knowledge overhead of more "robust" implementations such as hadoop and
> disco... maybe similar to Ruby's Skynet.

I usually just spew ssh tasks across whatever computing nodes I can
get my hands on.  It's less organized than something like mapreduce,
but I tend to run one-off tasks that I have to keep an eye on anyway.
I've done stuff like that across up to 100 or so machines and I think
it wouldn't be really worse if the number were a few times higher.  I
don't think it would scale to really large (10,000's of nodes) clusters.

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