GTK+ ques

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Jul 22 16:26:04 EDT 2009

nipun batra wrote:
> I need to develop a GUI preferably in GTK using c or PYGTK.I have little
> idea about Python.
> Following are requiremnts of the application:
> should be GUI
> Sould be real time
> Should interface serial port
> should display moving maps,like google earth
> It is basically for Ground control station of a UAV.
> How would Python+Pygtk combo work?
> is python slower than c/c++ ,if then by how much?
> any suggestions for the applcation?

All of these things can be done in Python.  Using nice math libraries
like numpy, math-specific things can be very fast.  Whether python is
fast enough only you could say.  PyGTK is nice, but doesn't have
built-in primitives for doing super high level things like moving maps.
 But there are libraries out there that can do this, one of which is
call libchamplain.  A blog post about it is here:

libchamplain does have python bindings I think.

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