list of 'magic methods' or builtin class methods... want to exclude those from dir output

DG dangets at
Wed Jul 22 20:24:21 CEST 2009

On Jul 22, 12:15 pm, DG <dang... at> wrote:
> There is probably a better way to do this (please enlighten me, if you
> know), but what I want to do is get a list of a class' attributes
> minus whatever the 'builtin' methods are.  I would also like to do
> this for instances of classes as well.  I don't want to use __dict__
> because I want to get all of the attributes that have been added
> throughout the inheritance tree, just not the builtin ones.
> I was wondering if there is a function to return a list of these, so I
> could perform a 'dir' on the object (class or instance) and filter out
> the builtin attributes.  I know I could create my own list something
> like
> ['__class__', '__delattr__', ..., '__weakref__'] and use that.  I
> would see this being fragile to Python version differences as new ones
> are added or taken away.
> A more flexible way is to have the list be filled out dynamically by
> creating a 'junk' class that inherits only from object and storing
> it's dir() output into the filter list.  This is probably what I'll do
> unless someone knows of a builtin function that will give me a
> (version-safe) list.
> Thanks!

Haha, replying to my own post.  Here is the implementation of my idea
of dynamically creating the filter lists from a 'junk' object.  As of
now it appears that the dir output of a class is the same as the dir
output of an instance, but if that ever changes, this should future
proof it.  This is only a 4-liner, so it is probably good enough for
what I want to do, but I would rather use a builtin/standard way if
there is one.

class A(object):
class_filter_methods = dir(A)
instance_filter_methods = dir(A())

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