challenging problem for changing to a dedicated non-privileged user within a script.

Krishnakant hackingkk at
Thu Jul 23 08:30:53 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-23 at 13:50 +0200, paul wrote:

> If the user running python program is allowed to call setuid() then yes.
NO, i don't think i can do that.  I am getting opperation not permitted.

Any ways I think probably subprocess will have to sort it out.

> Did you try running "sudo -u postgres blabla" with subprocess?
Yes, but still not got the intended result which is now obvious.
> > 2. now execute the python code for connecting to the postgresql
> > database.
> > In the second point I actually want to execute python code not shell
> > level command so will the sudo -u in the subprocess.Popen change the
> > user in the script?
> No, as the name "subprocess" suggests you are spawning a new process 
> which gets another uid through sudo. This does not affect the parent 
> process.
Ok then here is the work-around which I am thinking to try, Plese tell
me if it is correct.
I will let that subprocess start python inthe background and execute the
connecting code to postgresql including importing the pygresql library.
Then I will create the connection and cursor objcts in that subprocess.
But my concern is, will the connection object in the child process
(subprocess) be available to the parrent process?

happy hacking.

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