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Christian Tismer tismer at
Thu Jul 23 19:06:43 CEST 2009

On 7/17/09 4:11 AM, Bearophile wrote:
> Very good, thank you. I'll try it when I can.
> Is Psyco3 going to borrow/steal some ideas/code from Unladen Swallow?

Psyco3: nice typo! :-)

Well, I haven't so far found a new idea there that I'd want
to borrow and did not know from PyPy, before.
Wasn't the project plan saying the opposite, borrowing
some ideas from psyco? :-)

> The problem I have with Psyco1.6 is that you can't use the normal
> profilers to know how much seconds of running time is taken by each
> function/method of your code.

Yes, the profiler hooks are not useful with psyco. You need
to write extra functions for timing, as we do in the benchmark

> Psyco1.6 has a profile() function, but I am not much able to use it
> yet.

The profile() function is used for profile driven compilation,
as opposed to psyco.full(). This will go away, pretty soon.
Psyco will only be switched on or off.

Maybe I will add an option for profiling the compiled code.
Interesting idea!

cheers - chris

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