If Scheme is so good why MIT drops it?

Jon Harrop jon at ffconsultancy.com
Thu Jul 23 17:49:13 EDT 2009

Raffael Cavallaro wrote:
> Yes, you are missing the joke. The point is that if python is 60x
> slower than C, even if there were not a GIL, it would require running
> the python program on a 60 core machine just reach parity with C. The
> existence of the GIL means that in reality you'd probably need a
> several hundred core machine...

No, OCaml is in the same boat as Python. Spawning a parallel work item takes
20,000x longer in OCaml than in F#. Gathering the results is asymptotically
slower in general. Consequently, for most problems, Python or OCaml running
on an infinite number of cores cannot beat F# running on 2 or more (and I
already have 8) because the overheads are far too high for parallelism to
pay off.

Dr Jon D Harrop, Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.

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