pack an integer into a string

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>>>>> superpollo <user at> (s) wrote:

>s> is there a pythonic and synthetic way (maybe some standard module) to
>s> "pack" an integer (maybe a *VERY* big one) into a string? like this:

>>>>> number = 252509952
>>>>> hex(number)
>s>  '0xf0cff00'

>s> so i would like a string like '\xf0\xcf\xf0\x00'

You have the string wrong.
But the correct one you get with:

In [67]: import struct

In [68]: number = 252509952

In [69]: struct.pack('>I', number)
Out[69]: '\x0f\x0c\xff\x00'

(Please note that this is big endian)
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