non-owning references?

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>>>>> "Rhodri James" <rhodri at> (RJ) wrote:

>RJ> The point was, and remains, that this newsgroup gets regular traffic
>RJ> from people who expect Python's variables to act like C's variables,
>RJ> demonstrating that describing them as "quite compatible" is somewhat
>RJ> misleading.

So let' study these postings carefully to see what the actual confusion
is. I myself think that the confusion is not so much the variable
concept but the vale vs. reference semantics of objects. As such the
same thing plays a role in Java. Although the binding mechanisms in Java
and Python are different I don't think the actual semantics are so much
difference as to cause much confusion (with C it could be more). But
such a study could reveal that.

BTW. Which postings from (say) the last month did you have in mind?
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