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William Dode wilk at
Sun Jul 26 06:22:34 EDT 2009

On 24-07-2009, Christian Tismer wrote:
> On 7/24/09 1:04 AM, William Dode wrote:
>> On 23-07-2009, Christian Tismer wrote:
> ...
>>> Wasn't the project plan saying the opposite, borrowing
>>> some ideas from psyco? :-)
>> How do you see the future of psyco when unladen-swallow will grab the
>> best of psyco (if they can !) ?
> I have no objections, but also no idea so far how that could work.
> Sounded like an unreflected idea to me, without seriously
> checking the possibilities and/or implications. The same
> kind of research apparently did not happen concerning PyPy,
> which IMHO is much more suitable to take advantage from.
> This is for the current status of psyco, of course.
> It will change dramatically in the next months, slowly
> adopting some of PyPy's ideas. Then it might start to
> make more sense.

I didn't understand how psyco could use somes PyPy's ideas, i thought 
it's only the opposite... So i was going to read the PyPy's 
documentation : it's fascinating !!!

But how to test it ? The doc says : "When PyPy is translated into an 
executable like pypy-c, the executable contains a full virtual machine 
that can optionally include a Just-In-Time compiler."

Where is this 'option', is there somethings to activate it ?


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