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Sun Jul 26 08:04:11 EDT 2009

On Jul 24, 5:03 am, Robert Kern <robert.k... at> wrote:
> On 2009-07-23 03:55, Helvin wrote:
> > I believe I now have vtkpython.exe. However, my 'import vtk' statement
> > in my python code is not working. The error says something like "no
> > module named vtk".
> > Where do I find modules for vtk inpyqt? Do they exist?
> There are no VTK modules inPyQtitself. ThePyQtsupport is in the vtk package
> which can be built with VTK itself. You will need to install VTK and the vtk
> package correctly in order to achieve this. vtkpython.exe is not going to help
> you. Ignore it. After you have built VTK, you need to do an extra step to
> install the vtk package to where your Python interpreter will be able to find it.
> Let's say that your build directory is c:\vtkbuild.
>    cd \vtkbuild\Wrapping\Python
>    python install
>    cd \
> Now you should be able to import vtk from your normal Python interpreter. If you
> are still having problems, you will need to copy-and-paste exactly what you did
> and what error messages you got. Do not paraphrase error messages.
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> Robert Kern
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Hi Robert,

I realised that vtkpython.exe works, if I drag and drop my .py file on
it. Ie, running my .py file using vtkpython.exe
But my python interpreter does not work with the python file. I have
tried what you suggested.
Below is what I typed in command line, as well as the error that it

C:\Qt\VTKbin7\Wrapping\Python>python install
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 138, in <module>
    raise "ERROR: Must specify BUILD_TYPE=<config-name> on command
TypeError: exceptions must be classes or instances, not str

Is it just a small error with input format or something?

Thanks so much!

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