Script runs manually, but cron fails

J Kenneth King james at
Mon Jul 27 16:40:53 CEST 2009

Bryan <bryanvick at> writes:

> I have a backup script that runs fine when I run it manually from the
> command line.  When I run it with cron, the script stops running at
> random points in the source code.
> The script calls rsync with the subprocess module, which in turn uses
> ssh to backup files from a box on my lan.  It also uses the atexit
> module to always run a certain piece of cleanup code when the script
> exits.  However, this piece of code is never called when I use cron to
> run the script, but a ps -A command also does not show the python
> process so I know the script is dead.  The log files generated by the
> script all show rsync as completing, but then the logging gets cutoff
> at random places when the script dies after that point.  I am not
> getting any email from cron complaining of an error either.
> The script runs fine in my bash shell, what could cron be doing to
> interfere?

Double check nothing is writing to stdout/stdin

Some cron's don't mind, but I always squelch output because some do.

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