Using easy_install, reduncant?

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Jul 27 19:00:52 CEST 2009

John Nagle wrote:

> ray wrote:
>> I am working on a Trac installation.  I am new to Python.  To install
>> packages, it is suggested to use setuptools.  I have not understood
>> the directions.
>> I execute
>> Then I attempt to execute setuptools-0.6c9-py2.6.egg.
>> There response that setuptools is already the active version in easy-
>> install.pth.  Then:
>> Installing easy_install.exe script to C:\Python26\Scripts error:  C:
>> \Python26\Scripts\Easy_install.exe: Permission denied.
>     "Easy Install" usually isn't "easy".  If it works, it's great.
> Most of the time, it doesn't.  It's not very good at finding all the
> files it needs to update.  Hence problems like the above.

Which is the usual BS from you. It works most of the times as advertised,
and in the concrete case the OP misunderstood what does
(already installing setuptools), and thus the complaint about "already
active version". Which btw is just a warning, and setuptools would
continue, but as the OP works on Windows which prohibits a running
executable to be replaced, it fails. Again, not setuptools fault.


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