How to get the output struct parameter by extending C function?

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Tue Jul 28 06:34:42 CEST 2009

En Tue, 28 Jul 2009 00:06:06 -0300, jammy <huzaigang at>  

> I an just starting to use the ctypes module.
> Now I want to expentd C in python.
> In the function of C, I want to get the  output struct parameter which  
> is chaged in the function.

You're mixing a C extension with a ctypes call - why is that?
ctypes is mainly used when you *don't* want to actually write a C  
extension - if you actually write one, you don't need ctypes at all.

> ----------- 1.Header file of C(information.h)-----------
> typedef struct {
>  char  name[20];
>  int   height;
>  int   weight;
> } Infor;
> int getInfor( char* name, int height, int weight, Infor* infor);

> ----------- 5.test file of Python(
>     Extest.getInfor(name, height, weight, byref(infor))

All arguments for a function intended to be called from Python must be  
PyObject*; byref is used to call a ctypes-wrapped function, not a function  
 from an extension module. (You're lucky you didn't crash the interpreter  

Either use ctypes to directly call the getInfor function in information.c  
(and drop the extension module), or write a complete wrapper in the  
extension module and forget ctypes. Don't mix both ways.

Gabriel Genellina

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