Questions about unicodedata in python 2.6.2

Weidong li.weidong at
Tue Jul 28 15:54:21 CEST 2009

I am trying to build python 2.6.2 from the source by following the
instructions in README that comes with the source.  The configure and
make steps are fine, but there is an error in "make install" step.
This "make install" attempts to build a lot of lib, and it complains
about the lack of "unicodedata" shared object,

I looked at the source tree and the build result, does
not exist.  I further notice that in Modules/Setup.dist, the line for
unicodedata.c is commented out by default.  So I uncomment it, and
experiment with rebuilding everything.

This time, with or without re-configure, the "make" step failed with a
link-time error when linking for libpython2.6.a due to "undefined
reference to 'initunicodedata'.  This symbol is defined in
unicodedata.c, but unicodedata.o is not used in linking for
libpython2.6.a, hence the error.  So this is a problem in the
generated Makefile.

Does anyone know what special things I have to do to avoid such
error?  Is there any known problems in the configure/make files in the
python 2.6.2 source code that require special patch?

Is unicodedata.c really needed in python 2.6.2?  If it is needed, why
it is commented out by default in Modules/Setup.dist?  If it is not
needed, why "make install" attempts to use it in compiling the
libraries?  Why those libraries are not designed to be compiled in the
make step, but in the install step?

Thanks for your help!

- Weidong

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