Print value CLOB via cx_Oracle

Vincent Vega lemmath at
Tue Jul 28 14:02:16 EDT 2009


I call function in Oracle database use cx_Oracle.
In standard I define:

db       = cx_Oracle.connect(username, password, tnsentry)
cursor  = db.cursor()

I create variable 'y' (result function 'fun_name') and call function

y   = cursor.var(cx_Oracle.CLOB)
cursor.callfunc(fun_name, cx_Oracle.CLOB, y)

When I print variable 'y' I receive:
<cx_Oracle.CLOB with value <cx_Oracle.LOB object at 0x00999999>>

How can I get value variable 'y'???
How read <cx_Oracle.LOB object at 0x00999999>???

Vincent Vega

Off course does not work, cause 'y'is CLOB not LOB.
(see datatypes table in site:

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