If Scheme is so good why MIT drops it?

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Tue Jul 28 23:25:09 CEST 2009

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> Hendrik van Rooyen wrote:
>> On Monday 27 July 2009 16:49:25 Aahz wrote:
>>> In article <mailman.3765.1248685391.8015.python-list at python.org>,
>>> Hendrik van Rooyen  <hendrik at microcorp.co.za> wrote:
>>>> On Sunday 26 July 2009 21:26:46 David Robinow wrote:
>>>>>  I'm a mediocre programmer. Does this mean I should switch to PHP?
>>>> I have searched, but I can find nothing about this mediocre language.
>>>> Could you tell us more?
>>> :-P
>>> (For anyone who is confused by Hendrik's humor, he is saying that
>>> David was referring to a programming language named "mediocre". 
>>> English grammar is confusing!)
>> This is true - I intended, when I started the post, to make a crack
>> about how he knew that he was mediocre - If there were some exam or
>> test that you have to pass or fail to be able to make the claim to
>> mediocrity. I was imagining a sort of devil's rating scale for
>> programmers, that could cause one to say things like:  "I am studying
>> hard so that I can get my mediocre certificate, and one day I hope to
>> reach hacker rank".
>> And then the similarity to "I am a COBOL programmer" struck me, and I
>> abandoned the ratings.
> If you were a "COBOL" programmer, would you want to shout about it? :-)

The last time I wrote anything in COBOL was sometime in the early 80s.
Somehow that makes me feel good, heh.


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