how to embed the python interpreter into web App (Mehndi, Sibtey)

André andre.roberge at
Wed Jul 29 17:18:52 EDT 2009

On Jul 29, 1:11 pm, Ryniek90 <rynie... at> wrote:
> > Hi All
> > I am trying to embed the python interpreter in to a web app but could
> > not get the way, any one can suggest me how to do this.
> > Thanks,
> > Sibtey Mehdi
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> Here's example:
> Contact with author of that website/webapp.
> Good luck.

Or you can look at the code for Crunchy:

Note however that this will result in something that is not secure...
To quote the try-python site:

"My ISP ( provides a sandbox inside a FreeBSD Jail..."


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