IDLE Config Problems

Russ Davis Russ.Davis at
Wed Jul 29 22:55:27 CEST 2009

I am just getting started with Python and have installed v. 2.5.4  Idle version 1.2.4  I can't seem to get the idle to display text.  It seems as if the install went fine.  I start up the idle and the screen is blank.  No text.  It seems as if I can type on the screen but I just can't see the characters.   I go to the config menu and it bombs and brings up the Visual Studio debugger.  The computer that I am trying to install it on is a windows xp laptop serv pack 2.   I have a workstation here that I am using also with the same os and the idle works fine.  Any hints as to what might be interfering with the idle config.



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