Does python have the capability for driver development ?

MalC0de malc0de.encrypt at
Wed Jul 29 20:19:42 EDT 2009

actually I mean driver programming under Windows operating system, if
you know, there's A kit name DDK available at microsoft's website for
developing device drivers under C / C++ environment, now i'm working
with this kind of toolkit, but when I started programming with Python,
I saw this is very good and easy to develop application in all aspects
of a programmer or customer .
I love python cuze I can write every application i want, it's easy and
it's very robust, But i thought if there's any available toolkit like
Microsoft DDK which can program driver under windows but based on
python it's very good and well, I don't know it's the lack of python
or interpreter concept but cuze of the extensibility of python if such
a good feature can be added to python it will be good enough.
actually I want to write device drivers in Ring0 mode or kernel
mode ...
please introduce me some resource for system programming, I know that
python is very well at system programming level.

- Malc0de

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