Does underscore has any special built-in meaningin Python ?

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Thu Jul 30 01:42:35 CEST 2009

dandi kain <dandi.kain at> writes:

> What is the functionality of __ or _ , leading or trailing an object ,
> class ot function ?

There is no change in functionality. It has some slight effects on
import, but as a beginner you shouldn't need to worry about that.

> Is it just a naming convention to note special functions and objects ,
> or it really mean someting to Python ?

Both. It's a strongly-adhered-to naming convention, as an indicator to
the reader how that name should be used.

    foo      Ordinary name, part of public interface
    _foo     Ordinary name, part of internal-only interface
    __foo    Ordinary name, but will be mangled (this style used rarely)
    __foo__  Name which is used in a special way by Python

There's no change in the objects themselves; the underscores rather
indicate how those names are expected to be accessed.

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