Run pyc file without specifying python path ?

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Thu Jul 30 10:50:47 EDT 2009

On 2009-07-30, Dave Angel <davea at> wrote:

> Steven makes some good points.  You have to define what level
> of clever you're protecting from.  A determined hacker will
> get in no matter what you do, unless you want to ship the
> program in a proprietary embedded system, encased in epoxy.

That won't stop a dedicated reverse-engineering effort.  It
might take an X-ray machine, machine tools, various nasty
chemicals, and quite a bit of skill and patience -- but it can
be done.

> Further, if you have an extension of .py or .pyc, a
> knowledgeable hacker will know it's probably python.
> You imply you want it to run unmodifed on multiple unknown
> Linux versions.  I think that lets out binfmt solutions.  That
> means you need to test and support not only multiple Linux
> implementations, but multiple Python versions, because who
> knows what the user may have installed.  I think you need to
> rethink your support strategy.  And maybe concentrate on being
> able to detect change, rather than prevent it.

Or even being able to benefit from change. :)

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