Does python have the capability for driver development ?

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid
Thu Jul 30 16:55:26 CEST 2009

On 2009-07-30, Martin P. Hellwig <martin.hellwig at> wrote:
> Michel Claveau - MVP wrote:
>>> Python is interpreted
>> No. Python is compiled (--> .pyc)
>> But the term "to compile" is not always unambiguous...
>> And the notion of "compiler" is not attached to Python (the
>> language), but is attached to the implementation.
> Well the pyc, which I thought was the Python bytecode,

It is, but that's just one particular implementation you're
talking about (though by far the most widely used one).

> is then interpreted by the VM.

Yup.  Just like .exe files are interpreted by the microcode in
the processor that implements the IA32 VM.  It would be quite
possible to put a Python VM into hardware.  Alternatevly, you
can compiler Python into Java bytecode and run that "directly"
on hardware.

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