Confessions of a Python fanboy

Inky 788 inky788 at
Thu Jul 30 13:01:40 EDT 2009

On Jul 30, 12:04 am, alex23 <wuwe... at> wrote:
> On Jul 30, 1:06 pm, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> > 1.) No need to use "()" to call a function with no arguments.
> > Python --> "obj.m2().m3()" --ugly
> >   Ruby --> "obj.m1.m2.m3"  -- sweeet!
> > Man, i must admit i really like this, and your code will look so much
> > cleaner.
> How do you distinguish between calling a method with no arguments, and
> getting access to the method object itself (because it _is_ an object,
> y'know, it's OO all the way down...)?

I agree with alex here. Will take the explicit syntax over the extra
cognitive load of figuring out exactly what's going on with

Python has its warts, but requiring ()'s on function calls isn't one
of them. :)

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