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Thu Jul 30 19:28:44 CEST 2009

On Jul 30, 12:15 pm, Masklinn <maskl... at> wrote:
> Furthermore Ruby has a pretty nice convention (sadly not used enough I  
> think) taken from Scheme where it's possible to postfix a method name  
> with "!" (note: the "!" is part of the name, there's no magic) to  
> indicate that this method modifies the object it's called on rather  
> than simply returning stuff.

Another oddity i did not like at first but must admit is growing on me
  vector.reverse --> returns a new reversed vector
  vector.reverse! --> modifies the instance vector in-place

Of course in python you would do...
  vector.reverse --> in-place
  vector.reversed --> in-place

The above example works pretty good, but this doesn't always "sound"
good. Take for example this...
  point3d.offset --> return a new pt
  point3d.offseted --> What did you say!?!?!

Now try Ruby's way

a symbol works better for these things

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