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Thu Jul 30 17:44:34 EDT 2009

On Jul 30, 4:29 pm, Emmanuel Surleau <emmanuel.surl... at>
> > 1.) No need to use "()" to call a function with no arguments.
> > Python --> "obj.m2().m3()" --ugly
> >   Ruby --> "obj.m1.m2.m3"  -- sweeet!
> > Man, i must admit i really like this, and your code will look so much
> > cleaner.
> It has benefits - code does look better. It has also significant cons - it is
> ambiguous.
> For instance:
> a = b
> Is b a variable or a method called without parameter?

Hello Emanuel,
Again, who so ever names a method with such a non-descriptive name
will get whats coming to him. And if you did for some reason use such
a cryptic name as "b", do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and
follow it with "()" to denote the method call. Remember when something
is optional that means you have an option to use it OR not use it.

optional (
  adj: possible but not necessary; left to personal choice [ant:

simple solutions for simple problems.

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