Confessions of a Python fanboy

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Thu Jul 30 18:13:41 EDT 2009

On Jul 30, 4:57 pm, Luis Zarrabeitia <ky... at> wrote:
> I'd like to ask, what "container.each" is, exactly? It looks like a function
> call (as I've learned a few posts ago), but, what are its arguments? How the
> looping "works"? Does it receive a "code" object that it has to execute?
> Is .each some kind of magic keyword? (This has little to do with python or
> the current thread, so feel free to reply off-list if you want to...)
> Regards,
> Luis.

Hello Luis,

I think your question is completely valid within the context of this
thread. The purpose of his thread was to get feedback on how Python
and Ruby ideas could be cumulated into the best high level language.
And being that i am the BDFL of the "Confessions of a Python Fanboy"
thread, you have my personal permission to continue on with this
subject matter...,

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