Compiling and transporting modules/libraries in python

alex23 wuwei23 at
Mon Jun 1 01:23:19 EDT 2009

On May 31, 2:27 am, Abe <abeG... at> wrote:
>     I use python at a home office and in a university computer lab,
> but I don't have the administrative rights to install libraries on the
> lab computers.  It would be really nice if there were a way I could
> put, say, all of numpy into a file "my_numpy.pyc" and treat it as a
> single (large) module.

You should be able to use virtualenv to provide this functionality:

Create the environment you want on your home computer, then copy it
wholesale to your lab computer or even use it directly from a USB

You might also want to look into one of the portable Python set ups.
This way you can have a fully portable environment that you control

  Portable Python:
  Movable Python:

Hope this helps.


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