how to find the last decorator of a chain

samwyse samwyse at
Mon Jun 1 04:40:36 CEST 2009

On May 30, 6:16 pm, Gabriel <gabr... at> wrote:

> I have something like this:
> @render(format="a")
> @render(format="b")
> @....
> def view(format, data):
>   return data

> In my understanding this equivalent to:
> render('a',
>  render('b',
>   view(***)))

Not quite.  'render' is a function of one argument that returns a
decorator. So, the equivalent is more like this:
  view = render('a')(render('b')(view))
or more simply:
  fb = render('b')
  view = fb(view)
  fa = render('a')
  view = fa(view)

> Is there any way to know, in this case, that 'a' is the 'default' format?

Will this do?  (In case the formatting gets messed up, I've also
posted the code to

##from functools import wraps

def render(c):
    def decorator(f):
##        @wraps(f)
        def wrapper(*args, **kwds):
            if getattr(wrapper, 'outermost', False):
                print('outer wrapper', c)
                print('inner wrapper', c)
            return f(*args, **kwds)
        return wrapper
    return decorator

def mark_as_top(f):
    print('marking', f)
    f.outermost = True
##    @wraps(f)
    return f

def f():


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