PyQt4 + WebKit

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Mon Jun 1 16:16:07 CEST 2009

On 31 Maj, 02:32, David Boddie <da... at> wrote:
> On Saturday 30 May 2009 17:39, dudekks... at wrote:
> > I need to grab clicked links in QWebView. Everything is fine when I
> > use linkClicked() signal. LinkDelegationPolicy is set to
> > DelegateAllLinks and there is a problem. If some site has Javascript
> > my procedure receives QUrl from linkClicked, next calls:
> > webView.setUrl(url) #Where "url" is received QUrl
> > Certainly this method doesn't work. Site loads again (in most cases
> > it's called
> OK, so if I understand correctly, you don't know how to handle these
> special links if you use a delegation policy, and you would prefer it
> if they were handled by WebKit.
> > As I use
> > QWebPage::DelegateExternalLinks it happens the same, because my
> > procedure grabs links with Javascript. I don't know how to cope with
> > this problem. Maybe it's possible to set own policy in
> > QWebPage.LinkDelegationPolicy? Or maybe some other method to grab
> > protocol, host(if external or not) when user clicks link in webView?
> So, you only want to handle certain links, and pass on to WebKit those which
> you can't handle? Is that correct?
> David

Yes, I want to handle external links (out of my host) and links
starting with download://... (my specific protocol).

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