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Kiran Siddiqui kiran-siddiqui at
Mon Jun 1 12:50:50 EDT 2009

hi have to parse a very complex dumps(whatever it is), i have done the parsing thruogh python.since the parsed data is very huge in amount, i have to feed it in the database (SQL), I have also done this... now the thing is i have to compare the data now present in the sql.
in actual i have to compare the data of 1st dump with the data of the 2nd dump..... the both dump have the same fields(attributes) but the values of their field may be change... so i have to detect this change.. for this i have to do the comparison...
i.e, let i have a tableA ,its 1st row carry the data of dump1 and then on the 2nd day the data comes from dump2 go into the next row of tableA. and i have to compare both rows. 
 but i dont have the idea how to do this all using python as my front end.
plz plzzzz anyone help me:(
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