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Mon Jun 1 14:45:04 EDT 2009

I am trying to parse through  this data for analysis. I am new to python and
wondering what would be the quickest way to extract the data from this file.
The data files consists of comments (starting with ! and #). Then, the data
follows. All I want is the data in array ( I don't care about the
comments),and the data format is  freq[], s11[real], s11[imag],

 Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

!Date: Jan 29, 2008 14:40:26
!Correction: S11(Full 2 Port(1,2)) S21(Full 2 Port(1,2))
!Measurements: S11, S21:
! Freq  S11[real, imag]  S21[real,imag] 
1400000000 -2.104572e+001 4.153887e+001 -4.084314e+001 8.417739e+001
1400250000 -2.089971e+001 4.028599e+001 -4.087196e+001 7.026196e+001  
1400500000 -2.114216e+001 4.086434e+001 -4.055134e+001 6.559201e+001 
1400750000 -2.112057e+001 3.681709e+001 -4.024515e+001 5.503412e+001  
1401000000 -2.110984e+001 3.622524e+001 -4.056519e+001 5.162795e+001  
1401250000 -2.123562e+001 3.602308e+001 -4.125660e+001 4.330296e+001 
1401500000 -2.152193e+001 3.345480e+001 -4.035107e+001 3.937940e+001
1401750000 -2.144410e+001 3.189340e+001 -4.097492e+001 2.802726e+001 
1402000000 -2.155891e+001 3.002732e+001 -4.146297e+001 1.666007e+001 
1402250000 -2.170474e+001 2.896428e+001 -4.146934e+001 1.514847e+001 
1402500000 -2.185459e+001 2.863795e+001 -4.053018e+001 1.130192e+001

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