Seach for encrypted socket wrapper

Hans Müller HeinTest at
Tue Jun 2 05:28:43 EDT 2009

Hello experts,

I'm looking for secure way to pass messages from a python program to a c-library in both ways.

This scenario is given:

display client						Calculation module in COBOL (yes, big, old but it works well)
(python, wxpython) 	<- Network connection ->	C-Lib beeing called from COBOL to communicaty with
                                         	        display client

The network connection should be encrypted. And fail save.
Has someone an idea what to use ?

I have had a short look on xml rpc which can run over a https server but this seems quite fat.
Better ideas ?!
Importand is also that the C-Lib on the cobol side should be coded as simple as possible.
Platforms: Windows, *ix

Thanks a lot.


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