Using C++ and ctypes together: a vast conspiracy? ;)

Joseph Garvin joseph.h.garvin at
Tue Jun 2 16:50:24 EDT 2009

So I was curious whether it's possible to use the ctypes module with
C++ and if so how difficult it is. I figure in principal it's possible
if ctypes knows about each compiler's name mangling scheme. So I
searched for "ctypes c++" on Google.

The third link will be "Using ctypes to Wrap C++ Libraries". If you
follow the link, it's broken. If you view the cache of the link, it's
someone pointing to another blog,,
saying they discovered a way to do it easily. If you follow that link,
you get taken a page does not exist error.

Clearly there's some way to use ctypes with C++ and there's a vast
conspiracy preventing it from reaching the masses ;) What's even
stranger is that this link, despite being broken, has seemingly been
near the top of google's results for these terms for a couple weeks
(that's when I last tried), as if there were some underground group of
rebels trying to hint the truth to us... ;)

More seriously -- how difficult is it to use ctypes instead of saying,
boost::python, and why isn't this in a FAQ somewhere? ;)

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