Printing list/tuple elements on separate lines

Johnny Chang johnnyz86 at
Fri Jun 5 02:37:42 CEST 2009

I have a large list of strings that I am unpacking and splitting, and
I want each one to be on a new line.  Someone showed me how to do it
and I got it working, except it is not printing each on its own
separate line as his did, making it incredibly hard to read.  He did
it without adding a new line for anything.  I can't get in touch with
him right now.

An example:

recs =
[(rec.split('f')) for rec in recs]


[['asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', ''], ['asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd',
'asd', ''], ['asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', '']]

desired output:

[['asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', '']
['asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', '']
['asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', 'asd', '']]

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